Tmhnc Employee Spotlight Fall 2019

Total Industries Employee Spotlight

Tmhnc Employee Spotlight

At TMH, our employees are like family. In today’s post, we’d like to introduce you to two more members of our family: Livermore Service Manager Tony Gonzalez and Fresno Forklift Field Technician Dan Hunt. 

 Tmhnc Employee Spotlight

Tony Gonzalez, Service Manager, Livermore
Total Industries employee since 1992

For my first job, I was a cook at a KFC in San Jose, CA way back when I was 16.  I’ve been with TMH for such a long period of time now that I hardly remember what it is like to work somewhere else!
Tmhnc Employee SpotlightIn my freetime, I enjoy grilling food, enjoying a glass of wine, strumming my guitar, listening to live music, watching my son play football or baseball, but most of all being around my family. We like to plan at least one huge family trip per year and will usually end up on a Caribbean cruise, or somewhere in Hawaii or Mexico.Tmhnc Employee Spotlight

What I like about my job… I like being able to provide a solution to an answer that others have been trying to solve. Whether it is how to repair a forklift, or how to resolve a bill dispute. It’s the feeling of accomplishment that keeps me motivated.

One thing that I hear from newer forklift technicians is that the amount of training that we offer is second to none! TMH is very team-oriented and a goal-driven place to work with a family type atmosphere. My co-workers are willing to put in the extra effort when it is crunch time to get things done! We like to recognize our talented personnel and recruit from within. That being said, there’s always room for advancement.

Favorite movie The Godfather II

Mild, Medium or Spicy? I like my food spicy, not overly hot… just spicy.

 Tmhnc Employee Spotlight

Dan Hunt, Forklift Field Technician, Fresno
Total Industries employee since 1999

My first job was throwing newspapers for the Fresno Bee.  I first went to work for TMH on December 30, 1999 a day before Y2K when we thought the computers were all going to crash.
Tmhnc Employee SpotlightIn my freetime, I enjoy going to my twins’ football games on Friday nights and Fresno State games on Saturday. In the winter I like trap shooting, and in the spring and summer I’m into boating.

What I like about my job…I like meeting new people and solving problems. Doing something different everyday makes my day go by fast. 

Favorite movieForest Gump

Mild, Medium or Spicy?It’s going to be mild these days. I like spicy, it doesn’t like me.

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TMH is currently hiring Forklift Technicians to work in the field (West Sacramento, Livermore, Salinas and Fresno, CA). Get more info or request an interview via our website.