Review: Toyota Mid Electric Forklift

Review: Toyota Mid Electric Forklift

Review: Toyota Mid Electric Forklift

Product Name:  Toyota Mid Electric  
Manufacturer: Toyota
Lift Capacity: 4,000 -6,500 
Notable feature(s): AC Drive Motor, No Tools Required Floorboard, On Demand Power Steering
Price Range: $30,000 – $45,000
Value for the money: Excellent
Sideshifter, side-shifting fork positioner, cold storage package, strobe lights, travel beepers, speed limiters, rear view mirrors, non-marking tires, hydraulic hose protectors.

Best for: indoor applications, food processing, cold storage, beverage, retail, general warehousing, general manufacturing.
Not recommended for: outdoor applications, narrow aisle applications, rough terrain.

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Toyota Mid-Electric Pros and Cons

Pros: Ideal for food & beverage industry and indoor environments where IC lifts are unsuitable.
Cons: Not for use outdoors or on rough terrain.

Hands-on with the Toyota Mid Electric:
The Toyota Mid Size Electric Forklift can move most standard loads while operating in small spaces as narrow as 11-feet wide. This lift truck has all the safety features and low cost of ownership as its IC counterpart, without emissions worries. With the ability to lift up to 6,500 lbs to a height of 23′, Toyota’s Mid Electric is the top choice for food and beverage applications. 

Summary: Overall the Toyota Mid Size Electric forklift is a great value. The AC drive motor requires virtually no maintenance and ensures high up-time. With low maintenance cost and Toyota’s high quality, this forklift has the lowest overall cost of ownership. Add in the System of Active Stability and the countless other standard safety options and there is only one choice for your next electric lift.

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