The right tools can make an enormous difference, and a pallet jack is one of these key pieces of equipment. A pallet jack can easily maneuver loads, and go where large forklifts can’t.

Electric pallet jacks take productivity to the next level with the benefit of an electric motor. In addition to helping the operator move loads, the motor assists with raising and lowering the forks. For this reason, electric pallet jack forks can be raised higher than manual pallet jack forks Electric pallet jacks can be used for several hours before they need to recharge and are a popular piece of equipment for warehouses, distribution centers, food and beverage facilities and operations with narrow aisles.

Learn more our year-end special pricing  on a Toyota Electric Pallet Jack and how to get a $500 rebate by trading in your old pallet jack.

Toyota Electric Pallet Jack

Toyota’s Electric Walkie Pallet Jack makes moving product efficient and convenient. The integrated fork scale can calculate weight even as the load is lifted, which saves time and space by eliminating the need for a separate scale.

Compared to a manual pallet jack, Toyota’s electric option:
– Reduces operator strain
– Improves productivity (especially in large facilities)
– Is a safer choice for moving tall pallet stacks

Other features of Toyota’s Electric Pallet Jack include:

  • 4,500 Load capacity
  • Highly-maneuverable
  • Click-to-creep function
  • Electronic brake release
  • Steel battery case
  • IP65 electrical system
  • Integrated fork scale

Save BIG on a Toyota Pallet Jack

For a limited time, you can buy a Toyota Electric Pallet Jack (model 8HBW23) for only $3995 +$100 delivery fee. The price includes a 24V battery, charger pack and 48″ x 27″ forks. We’re also offering a $500 rebate when you trade in a pallet jack from a competitive brand

Big savings, PLUS a $500 rebate. This outstanding offer is available until December 27, 2019. Financing available, just ask.

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