Review: Toyota 9bru Reach Truck

Review: Toyota 9BRU Reach Truck

Review: Toyota 9bru Reach Truck

Product Name:  9BRU Reach Truck & Toyota 9BDRU Deep Reach
Manufacturer: Toyota
Lift Capacity: 2,500 – 4,500 lbs
Notable feature(s):  Narrow aisle maneuverability, extendable pantograph-mounted carriage, optional deep reach, programmable performance parameters.
Price Range: $29,000- $44,000.00 (for reach truck only).
Add $5000 – $10,000 per battery,  $2,000 – $4,000 per charger.
Value for the money: Excellent
Options include: Height and fork tilt meter,  lift limit with bypass, cold storage/freezer conditioning, battery slide out, double-deep reach option.

Best for: Narrow aisle storage, high rack storage, multiple shift operations, freezer/refrigerated storage, double deep rack, or push-back rack applications with smooth, even flooring.

Industry Types: Distribution centers, warehousing, shipping, logistics, pharmaceutical, clean room, electronics, computer/semi-conductor, beverage,  food service, agricultural,  or glassware.

Should not be used: to unload trucks over dock levelers or dock plates  or excessively rough flooring surfaces.

Read on to learn more about the Pros and Cons of Toyota’s 9BRU reach trucks and what our customers have to say about this product, or view our current inventory of reach trucks for sale. You can also check our used inventory for reach trucks and reach trucks for rent.  

Toyota Reach Truck Pros and Cons

Toyota reach trucks are programmable to fit different applications. For example, the rate at which the mast is raised, lowered and brought to a stop can be sped up or slowed down to either increase productivity or reduce potential product damage to sensitive loads.

Cons: If you need the tapered toe box option, the base legs are longer than we would like. Also, for customers with very narrow aisles (5-7′ wide) it is better to go with an articulating mast forklift such as a Bendi by Landoll, or a Combi-Lift unit such as an Aisle Master. View products for very narrow aisles.

Hands-on with the Toyota 9-Series Reach Truck: This machine is ideal for narrow-aisles and a favorite among customers with limited square footage. Operators who get on and off the machine throughout their shift like the ease of stepping in and out of the stand-up operator compartment (this also helps the operator be more productive).

Summary:  Toyota Forklift equipment is known the world over for being durable and long lasting.  The new 9-Series Toyota reach trucks are powered by all AC Drive and lift motors, which are more energy efficient than older models and reduce maintenance costs as there are no brushes or contactors. They also have an advanced ergonomic operator compartment with less trip points than other machines in this category and a control handle designed with a fighter jet control in mind, which is both comfortable and efficient. 

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