Toyota Heavy Duty | High Capacity | Indoor Forklifts

Toyota Heavy Duty | High Capacity | Indoor ForkliftsToyota’s Heavy Duty forklift power is now available indoors. With up to 100,000 lb. capacity on IC models and 40,000 lb. for electric, these tough customers can lift and move just about anything: auto parts, huge paper rolls, steel and other raw materials.

Built with a heavy steel cross supports, impact resistant side thrusters and a heavy duty planetary drive axel, the THDC Line doesn’t flinch. Load-sensing hydraulics and engine management systems ensure your forklift can rise to meet any challenge.

Toyota Heavy Duty (THDC) Cushion Forklifts

The THDC line was designed for customers who demand strength and reliability. Toyota forklifts use U.S.-sourced parts and components for faster service and lower lead times, and because it’s Toyota, operator safety and comfort also come standard.

A Comfortably Powerful Machine
A two-stage wideview mast offers operators superior visibility, and easily-viewed gauges and auxiliary controls make monitoring performance intuitive and convenient. THDC Indoor forklifts use a Dana transmission with 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds, and hood-mounted hydraulic controls for operator convenience.

The THDC Indoor Line is designed for:
Specialty Metals 

General manufacturing
Machinery moving
Military/Armed Forces

* THDC1800-10000 with 18k-100k lifting capacity, or the THDE 1500-40000 with 15k – 40k lifting capacity 

Choose Your Solution

Toyota High Capacity IC Cushion
Standard 4.3L V6 LP Engine
Engine Protection System
Load-Sensing Hydraulic System
3-Speed Dana 12000 Transmission
18,000 – 22,000 lb. Capacity
Loaded Center of 24” or 36”

Toyota High Capacity Large IC Cushion “The Indoor Giant”
Standard 5.7 L V8 LP Engine
25,000 – 100,000 lb. Capacity
Load-Sensing Hydraulic System
Loaded Center of 24,” 30,” or 36”
Dana Model 32000 Transmission


Toyota High Capacity Electric Cushion
For high-capacity and zero emissions, the High Capacity Electric Cushion is the machine for the job with up to 80 volts of power. A low battery lift interrupt guards the electrical system and motors from low voltage damage.
72/80-volt configurations
15,000 – 40,000 lb. Capacity
17.7 HP drive motor
AC Drive and Pump Motors
Loaded Center of 24” or 30”

Toyota Forklifts – An Investment That Pays You Back
Toyota forklifts don’t require a lot of service, but when they do it’s fast and easy by design. Toyota’s reputation for quality means less downtime and higher residual value.

For more information on Toyota’s new HD indoor forklifts, or to find the right forklift for your operation, contact us online or by phone.

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