3 Things To Know Before Buying A Used Forklift Attachment

3 Things to Know Before Buying a Used Forklift Attachment

3 Things To Know Before Buying A Used Forklift AttachmentA used forklift attachment can be a smart way for your operation to stay competitive without busting your budget. For example, a single-double forklift attachment allows one forklift to handle two pallets which means fewer trips, increased productivity and efficiency.

By purchasing a used forklift attachment from a trusted dealer like TMH, you can ensure the equipment will:
– Work with your equipment
– Be a good fit for your operation
– Include a guarantee
(TMH includes a 30-day warranty on used attachments)

Any forklift attachment takes the brunt of the abuse and use during its initial life. Purchasing a used attachment from an experienced Dealer will ensure your purchase has been properly inspected for stress fractures and other “hidden” issues that, missed or ignored, could result in premature failure or expensive issues after the purchase.

Read to learn more about the things you should know before purchasing a used forklift attachment.

3 Things to Know Before You Buy a Used Forklift Attachment

– Forklift operators must have proper training on how to safely use a forklift attachment. Attachments change the lift truck’s center of gravity (among other things).
– Any Forklift Attachment will have an impact on the net capacity of your lift. Working with an experienced rep from TMH will ensure that the attachment you envision aiding your application will not prove out to be a nightmare of issues.
– Make sure you have a suitable locking device for the attachment and, when applicable, a clamp release interlock device.

Our most popular forklift attachments include:
Layer Pickers 
Bale and Carton Clamps 

You can view our inventory of used forklift attachments and forklift attachments for rent online. We also rent forklifts equipped with the following attachments:

Paper Roll Clamp
Carton Clamp
Single Double
Push / Pull
Extra LP Tank

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us online or by phone. We’re happy to answer questions about whether your lift truck is properly equipped to add an attachment, and what attachments might be the best choice for your application.

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