Buying Used Pallet Racking In California - What Businesses Need To Know

If you’re running out of space in your warehouse, distribution center, or other facility, adding pallet racking is a cost-effective solution. A custom shelving system allows you to:

  • Maximize storage space
  • Utilize (rather than pay for) empty air 
  • Avoid moving to a larger facility

Still, it’s a Catch 22. You have to spend money to save money. In the competitive warehousing and logistics industry, businesses may not have the capital to invest in a brand new pallet racking system. So what can you do?

One solution is to sell your existing pallet rack and use the proceeds to buy new racking custom-made for your space. Used pallet racking can be a good way to save money, or lose thousands. Read on to learn how to avoid common pitfalls when buying used pallet racking.

Should You Buy Used Pallet Racking in California?

If you have a limited budget or need new warehouse racking yesterday, used pallet racking is a good option. Used racking can cost 20-30 percent less than new pallet racking,* and it’s more eco-friendly.

That said: if you can afford it, new pallet racking is the best option. Look at it this way: if your goal is to maximize your existing space, the best way to achieve your goal is with a system engineered to the exact dimensions and capacities you need. With used rack, you may have to compromise based on what’s available.

* NOTE: If you see used racking with a deep discount (40-50 percent cheaper than new rack) – beware. A scary-good deal usually means the racking is structurally compromised.

Used Pallet Rack Buying Tips

When shopping for used pallet rack, look for teardrop-style racking. It’s the most common type of racking, which means you’re more likely to get replacement parts and have the option to expand your system.

Avoid discontinued racking. If you need replacement parts, they may be very expensive or impossible to find.

Always buy from an established, local seller. Buying pallet racking off the internet is a dangerous gamble. We don’t need to tell you, California has strict seismic codes. If the used rack you buy isn’t up to code, you can lose thousands of dollars in an instant (as one customer discovered).

Also, when you buy from a dealer off the internet, shipping costs often cancel out most of the savings you get from buying used racking. Why give your hard-earned profits to a shipping company when you can get high-quality used pallet racking locally?

Get the Best Warehouse Racking for Your Space and Budget

At Total Industries, 100 percent of the used pallet racking we sell comes from California, so you know it meets seismic standards. It also undergoes a rigorous inspection to ensure there isn’t any hidden structural damage. 

We stand behind what we sell. Whether you buy new or used pallet racking, our team will provide a permit package to ensure your local building department signs off on your plans. 

We buy used pallet racking and pay top-dollar!
Contact Us for a Free Estimate

Our team does it all. When you choose Total Industries, you can avoid the hassle of coordinating with multiple vendors. Here’s how it works:

  • Call us for a free estimate on your existing pallet racking
  • Apply the value toward a new system that’s a better fit (or keep the cash)
  • Our expert team will tear down or move your existing rack and install your new system

Stop paying for empty air and get a racking system that works for you. Take the first step to a more profitable and efficient facility by scheduling a free on-site consultation. 

We look forward to assisting you with your warehouse racking needs. Contact an experienced material handling consultant online or by phone.

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