How Much Is My Used Forklift Worth?Whether you’re looking to trade-in a used forklift or sell a forklift due to changing operational needs, you may be wondering, how much is my used forklift worth? There are several factors buyers use to calculate the value of a used forklift including hours, age and mast specs.  Equipment appearance and maintenance history can also influence the price. Read on to learn more.

NOTE: If you’re looking to buy rather than sell a used forklift, check out our Buying a Used Forklift page for pro buying tips. Learn about used forklift warranties, how to avoid buying bad equipment and other advice from our experts.

Selling a Used Forklift – What Buyers Look For

First, the forklift needs to be in operating condition. If the equipment doesn’t work, it doesn’t have much value, and we can’t evaluate the overall condition of the lift without operating it.

The number of hours and age of the forklift are the most significant factors that affect how much a used forklift is worth. The higher the hours or older the model, the lower the value. That said, used Toyota forklifts tend to be worth more. A Toyota lift truck with 10,000 hours can command a higher value than a similar non-Toyota forklift with 10,000 hours.


Other Factors That Impact the Value of a Used Forklift

Fuel Type: LP forklifts are generally worth the most when it comes to resale values, Used electric forklifts are generally worth the least because they usually need a new battery or need to have the battery reconditioned. Also, there are more electrics on the market than used LPG or diesel forklifts.

Battery/Charger: For electric forklifts, it’s important the battery holds a charge. Also, if the charger is included with the sale, it can increase the forklift’s value.

Appearance: The fewer dents, scrapes, etc. the better. Any visible signs of damage should be accounted for: was the forklift in an accident or did it get scraped by a passing hand truck?

Mast Specs: Mast Specs can be a big factor. With the rising cost of warehouse real estate, we look for a forklift mast around 187-189 inches when raised for a sit down lift, and 240 inches on a narrow aisle/stand-up lift truck. Forklifts with a large mast (99 inches or taller) are hard to get in a container which makes them less desirable for certain applications.

Accessories: A used forklift that comes with popular accessories such as side-shifter or fork positioner can be worth more.

How Well Has the Forklift Been Maintained? A forklift with a record of routine maintenance is more valuable than one with an unknown or sporadic service history.


We Buy and Sell Used Forklifts

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