Warehouse Optimization – 3 Customer Success Stories

Warehouse Optimization - 3 Customer Success Stories

Ever wondered whether your operation would benefit from pick-to-light technology, a new slotting system, or other optimization solutions? Is it worth the time, expense and hassle?

The short answer is yes. The right solution pays for itself in months (not years), and an experienced partner can help you transition without a major disruption to your business. Here are a few customer success stories:

Warehouse Optimization Case Studies

Meeting High Demands on Slim Margins
A fulfillment center operating on slim profit margins needed to improve picking productivity or risk losing customers to competitors. Adding a pick-to-light (PTL) system with auto-fulfillment technology enabled the operation to improve turnaround times and stay competitive. More importantly, the new system paid for itself within a few months.

Capacity Doubled, Expectations Exceeded
A well-known nutrition and weight loss company needed to increase capacity and improve accuracy. The catch: installation and implementation could not disrupt operations. We love a good challenge!

Over 3-4 months, the company gradually converted to custom warehouse rack with mold technology and a zone-routed PTL system – all while continuing all operations.

The new system:

  • Doubled racking capacity
  • Doubled throughput
  • Exceed company expectations and goals

The PTL combined with new software allowed the client to improve order throughput and accuracy, while the mold racks doubled capacity. The complete system was implemented in multiple phases to minimize disruption.

Our experts provided training and support before, during, and after the transition. The way we see it, customers should know everything about their new system — so they can maximize its value.

Schedule a free warehouse optimization consultation in the Bay Area, Northern or Central California.

A Data-Driven Solution Pays Big Dividends
When a large telecommunications company started running out of room for inventory in their 100,000 sq. foot distribution center, other warehouse integrators said, “just convert to narrow aisles with turret trucks.” While this is a common and effective way to increase storage space, we think data should determine the best solution.

After a thorough analysis of their 16,000 SKUs, the best solution turned out to be a combination of optimized picking and slotting strategies in addition to new storage solutions. The client solved their immediate for more space and:

  • Optimized the cube space of the facility
  • Identified SKUs better suited for case pick vs. full pallet
  • Implemented an optimized SKU slotting solution
  • Increased inventory capacity 30%-50%
  • Improved pick rates and efficiency
  • Eliminated wasted space

Though many important changes were implemented sooner, the project was ultimately completed in approximately 3 1/2 months.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities to Save (or Make) Money

Warehouse Optimization - 3 Customer Success StoriesWe’ve partnered with leading material handling systems integrator, SRSI. That means you gain access to the same proprietary assessment tools used by Fortune 500 companies. 

SRSI specializes in automation and warehouse information systems including: inventory flow analysis, slotting and storage system design, accelerated order processing and inventory control, and optimized labor and equipment utilization

Leverage SRSI’s team of experienced engineers, systems designers and solution specialists to future-proof your business.

Count on Total Industries’s local expertise to ensure your solution adheres to California’s strict compliance codes for earthquakes, fire and food safety.

Together, we’ve helped distribution centers, fulfillment centers and warehouses throughout the Bay Area and Central Valley increase capacity while improving order accuracy and throughput. If this sounds like a worthwhile investment to you, why not take the next step?

Schedule a free warehouse optimization consultation in the Bay Area, Northern or Central California. It’s zero-pressure. We simply want to help our customers find ways to save money and improve the long-term health of their business. In these uncertain times, any improvements can be the difference between staying in the game vs. closing your doors.

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