3 Products to Improve Warehouse Safety and Reduce Product Damage

3 Products To Improve Warehouse Safety And Reduce Product DamageAvoiding stock damage, preventing injuries and improving efficiency – that’s the trifecta for warehouse managers. In this article, we’ll share some products our customers in The Bay Area, Sacramento, Salinas and Fresno tell us they can’t live without.

Prevent Inventory Damage and Improve Warehouse Efficiency

On average, two violent forklift accidents occur every day, and many of these can be avoided. There are also countless collisions where product inventory, racking, or even the facility itself is severely damaged. When the worldwide supply chain is working overtime to respond to the Coronavirus epidemic, damaged stock can literally mean the difference between life and death. Now, more than ever, it is essential to protect your people and your products. Check out these two easy to install solutions that prevent incidents by giving operators a sixth sense.

Hit Not Proximity Sensors See Through Walls and Around Blind Corners

Hit Not uses proximity sensors to warn the operator when a pedestrian or other piece of equipment is nearby. The driver receives a visual and audible warning, and pedestrians wearing special detection devices receive an alert whenever heavy equipment is in motion nearby. 

Using magnetic field technology, Hit Not can “see” through walls, racks, doors and other obstructions. It’s a comprehensive solution for facilities where people and equipment work in close proximity.

Hit Not is an affordable way to prevent the high costs associated with:

  • Product damage
  • Equipment repairs
  • Racking replacement
  • Pedestrian accidents

Safe & Stop Detects Obstacles and Automatically Reduces Speeds

Safe and Stop is a simple yet high-tech way to reduce forklift collisions. An ultrasonic sensor, installed on the back of the forklift, detects obstacles and alerts the operator visually and audibly. On certain forklift models, Safe & Stop can automatically adjust the speed of the vehicle to prevent collisions.

3 Products To Improve Warehouse Safety And Reduce Product Damage

This turnkey collision avoidance device dramatically reduces pedestrian accidents, rack collisions and product damage.

  • You don’t have to install special sensors on your walls
  • Workers and visitors don’t have to remember to wear detection devices.
  • Alarms and detection distances can be adjusted according to individual requirements and facility layout.

Standard Safe & Stop installation provides active assistance when the truck is moving backward. An optional add-on can control forward and reverse speeds when the forks are lifted above the cab.

3 Products To Improve Warehouse Safety And Reduce Product Damage

Working remotely? GEM V2 Sapphire Keeps You Connected and Informed
Know the who, what , when, and where of your equipment at all times. GEM V2 Sapphire allows you to monitor your equipment, drivers and other fleet data from wherever you are.

GEM’s V2 software is cloud-based, so you don’t have to set up a special server or install a program on everyone’s computer. Simply login from your laptop or mobile device to:

  • View equipment usage
  • Message drivers via LCD display screens
  • Receive impact alerts
  • Limit operator access to equipment
  • View start-up checklists reports
  • Proactively plan fleet service
  • Know where your equipment is at all times
  • Make data-driven decisions, boost performance and improve safety

If you’re looking for warehouse safety or fleet management solutions, please contact us online or by phone. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have so you can find the right product for your operational needs and budget. The Total Industries team stands ready to help your business during these uncertain times. 

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