Why Toyota Is The Safest Forklift

Why Toyota is the Safest Forklift

Why Toyota Is The Safest ForkliftAt Toyota, safety comes standard. Toyota Forklifts lead the industry with innovative designs and top-of-the-line customer support.

In an independent study conducted by Peerless Research Group of individuals involved in the evaluation and purchase of material handling equipment, respondents ranked Toyota forklifts #1 for safety.

No Forklift Brand is Considered Safer Than Toyota
Toyota forklifts meet and exceed both American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. Toyota forklifts also utilize exclusive safety technology unmatched by other manufacturers.

Why Toyota Is The Safest Forklift
Why Toyota Forklifts are #1 for Safety

Toyota’s System of Active Stability with Active Mast Function Control is exclusive to Toyota forklifts. Where other manufacturers use a reactive system, Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS) technology proactively reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.

SAS takes over 3,000 readings per second to detect unsafe operating conditions. When a situation is detected that could put the forklift at risk, SAS instantly engages the Swing Lock Cylinder to stabilize the lift truck’s rear axle, changing the forklift’s stability footprint from triangular in shape to rectangular. The resulting increase in stability substantially reduces the likelihood of a lateral overturn. The Active Control Rear Stabilizer or the Active Mast Function Controller also adds stability and helps avoid accidents or injuries.

Active Mast Function Control (AMC) recognizes dangerous tilt speeds when lifting payloads and slows the speed of the mast to prevent tipovers.

Why Toyota Is The Safest ForkliftActive Mast Control automatically detects load weight and mast height. If it senses potential longitudinal instability, it overrides the operator’s manual control and limits forward tilt. This decreases the chance of spilling a load or tipping the lift truck forward. 

Automatic Fork Leveler:

Why Toyota Is The Safest ForkliftToyota’s automatic fork leveler (a standard feature on Toyota forklifts) resets empty forks to a level position simply by pressing a button.

Operators can easily navigate in and out of a pallet, especially up high, which is gives the operator confidence and increases productivity.

As part of Toyota’s commitment to safety, standard forklift safety features also include:
– operator restraint systems (seat belt)
– rear horn with ergonomic grip assist
– skid resistant entry/exit steps
– operator assist grips
– ergonomic placement of hydraulic controls
– welded overhead guard with 45° angle crossbeam to improve visibility

Optional orange forks prevent accidents and loss of products by assisting visibility during placement. Accurate fork placement helps prevent against spilled payloads that can be dangerous for forklift operators and other associates.

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