OSHA-Compliant Forklift Certification Training Classes in California

Get forklift certified. In just a few hours. With hands-on training. That puts OSHA’s latest safety recommendations into real driving practice.

Get forklift certified fast – while setting safety at the forefront

For new or experienced forklift operators

You want to get forklift certified. Fast. Without having to jump through hoops or lose hours of your day to get the job done.

But you also don’t want to cut corners when it comes to forklift safety. Because whether you head a team or are a beginner/experienced forklift operator yourself: you know that forklift accidents aren’t something to take lightly.

Serving individuals in California and companies like:


You shouldn’t have to leave safety up to chance

25% of forklift accidents are caused by inadequate forklift operator training

OSHA continuously releases key updates meant to keep your warehouse safe and efficient. If you haven’t been trained on how to put those updates into real driving practice, you may be leaving the safety of your warehouse operations up to chance.

Unlike online forklift certification programs, you’ll get real hands-on training to keep your safety and efficiency ahead of the competition. From dedicated California forklift certification “Master Trainers” with 24+ years experience keeping your warehouse ahead of the pack.

Our forklift certification training in a word: hands-on

  • Dedicated Team of Full-Time Master Trainers
    With 24+ years of California forklift certification experience.
  • Forklift Training in English and Spanish
    To improve your safety. Reduce downtime. And train high-demand, high-efficiency forklift operators.
  • Hands-On Driving with Personalized Instructor Support

    To keep experienced forklift operators on top of OSHA’s newest updates. While new forklift operators get hands-on support to ask questions and master skills.

  • Real-Time Evaluation and California Forklift Certification
    Unlike with online forklift certification programs, you don’t need to find time to schedule your final evaluation into your day. You’ll walk away with your certification in-hand.
  • Driven by Real-World Safety Scenarios
    To give you on-the-ground experience avoiding some of the most common — and most unexpected — forklift accidents.

Helping individuals and teams master OSHA compliance

“Your team always delivers spot-on, practical, clear, concise information in a way that reaches all members of the cohort…The instructors instill in our students an intense appreciation for the critical importance of workplace safety (which always allows me an enormous sigh of relief!).”

- Meri M.

Tri-Valley Career Center

“Alfred presented himself very well and his methods of teaching were excellent. He ensured our class maintained focus throughout the course and didn’t leave anyone behind. Thanks to his methods of training, I walked out of that training not only certified, but confident in operating a boom lift and scissor lift — something I had not previously done before.”

- Francisco R.

HR Mobile Services


Online forklift certification gets the job done. But it doesn’t get the job done right.

Video lessons that are easy to tune out. Certification tests that can be retaken over-and-over, while leaving you unprepared to uphold OSHA’s most up-to-date compliance standards. Multiple-choice Q+As that leave you second-guessing how to handle real-world safety situations.

Full-service OSHA certification program since 1999

1,000+ California forklift operators trained per year

24+ years of experience


You can’t be top-of-your-game if you miss key OSHA requirements.

Our Master Trainers don’t leave your warehouse safety up to chance. Or expect to train high-demand and high-competency forklift operators by showing a few videos and calling it a day.

We provide hands-on OSHA certification support. Driven by real-world OSHA compliance scenarios. With opportunities for you to ask questions and streamline your skills every step of the way.


We take our time – so you can reduce downtime

OSHA estimates that an average of 34,900 forklift injuries occur annually. An injury can easily leave you out of work, while eating into your operation’s bottom line.

Proper OSHA certification training can reduce or eliminate workplace accidents. While personalized instruction on often-forgotten warehouse safety practices — like your pre-shift inspection — can help you avoid the costs of uncaught issues with your equipment.

We walk you through the most up-to-date OSHA compliance recommendations, while inviting discussion throughout your training day. So that experienced forklift operators can stay in high-demand. While new forklift operators gain confidence by putting their skills into real driving practice.

We don’t think of forklift certification as just another box to check

You’ll get hands-on California forklift training. From Master Trainers. Dedicated to sharpening your skills. Or leaving you confident in your new career.

OSHA-Compliance Training

Led by our Master Trainers. With continued opportunities for discussion, questions, and clarification.

Convenient OSHA Written Assessment

That you can easily take without having to leave our site. After getting all the instructor-led support you need to be confident in your competence.

Pre-Shift Operator Inspection Review

To keep your skills sharp when it comes to spotting equipment safety issues.

Individual, Hands-On Driving Practice

Drive an unloaded lift through an obstacle course. Guided by a Master Trainer prepared to fine-tune your training to your experience level.

Individual OSHA Compliance Evaluation

Easily done on-site. As the last step of your OSHA forklift training, you’ll drive a forklift with a palletized load through an obstacle course. Without having to seek out another time or location to get this last step of California OSHA certification crossed off.

Register For 2024 Open Enrollment Classes

Courses run from 9AM - 1PM in four convenient locations in English or Spanish
  • $175 per person. Enroll as an individual or part of a team
  • In-person forklift operator training from Livermore, Salinas, West Sacramento & Fresno
  • For experienced or new forklift operators
  • Trained on sit-down counterbalanced forklift (electric and gas/propane – Class I, IV & V)
  • Includes written test, hands-on practice, Master Trainer support, OSHA certificate, and wallet card
  • Walk away with your forklift certification done. Class sizes are limited, pre-registration is required.
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Meet your California forklift training team

A full-service forklift training team since 1999

Mark Gates

Training Manager, Total Industries

Mark is a Master Trainer specializing in industrial equipment, forklifts (all classes), and elevated work platforms (including boom and scissor lifts). A veteran of the US Army, Mark is committed to training experienced and new operators to master their skills with interactive forklift training driven by real-world scenarios.

Alfred Galvan

Bilingual Trainer, Total Industries

¿Hablas Español? We do too. Alfred brings 25 years of forklift safety and mechanical experience to the Total Industries training team. After 15 years as a Master Mechanic supporting the California agricultural industry, Alfred now brings his safety expertise to industries across California. He specially addresses all levels and styles of learning, whether he’s teaching in English or Spanish.

Jojo Butler

Training Coordinator, Total Industries

Jojo worked in the hospitality field as a sales coordinator and customer experience manager before bringing that service-forward approach to her role at Total Industries. As our training coordinator, she specializes in helping you achieve your goals through a seamless training experience.

You might have questions – we have answers

Being a forklift operator is hands-on. Your training should be hands-on too.

For new or experienced forklift operators
OSHA-compliant forklift training that puts you in the driver’s seat. By giving you hands-on experience addressing OSHA’s most up-to-date safety requirements. All in just 4 short hours. (Available in Livermore, Salinas, West Sacramento & Fresno)
Get hands-on forklift training