ZeGenset HV: A Breath of Fresh Air

Lithium Power For Refrigerated Containers

The ZeGenset is a lithium battery-powered alternative offering significant environmental and economic advantages powering refrigerated container transport.
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Lithium Power
Outstanding run time
Lightweight Design
Fast Recharge Time
low maintenance

Key Advantages

Zero Emissions

Unlike diesel gensets, which produce emissions such as CO2, NOx,  lithium-ion batteries produce zero emissions during operation. The ZeGenset eliminates harmful pollutants, creating cleaner air, especially in communities most impacted by port operations.

Operating Costs

Lithium-ion batteries require less maintenance, have longer lifespans, and are not subject to fuel price fluctuations as compared to diesel gensets.

Environmental & Noise Pollution

Lithium-ion batteries produce zero emissions and significantly reduce noise during operation, helping to reduce the carbon footprint and neighborhood impacts of port operations associated with refrigerated transport and storage.

Financial Incentives

State and federal programs are available, subsidizing the conversion to electric and reducing carbon emissions, to maintain regulatory compliance requirements.
*Patent Pending

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