On-Site Customized Forklift Training

Get your operators certified at your facility, using your equipment by our instructors in complete compliance with federal and state OSHA requirements!
For Beginners and Experienced Operators
Fulfills OSHA Requirements

Training At Your Facility

If you have five or more operators, we offer training at your facility. Available for all types of forklifts and electric jacks including: Sit Down or Stand up, Counterbalanced, Narrow Aisle, Very Narrow Aisle, Rough Terrain, Rider Jacks, Tuggers, Stackers, & Industrial Carts. The class is approximately four hours long including video training with a written test, preshift inspections, and hands-on driving. The hands-on portion will be performed using your equipment, in your work environment. Upon successful completion, certificates and wallet cards will be issued to those who complete both the written test and hands-on driving evaluation. The Certification is good for three years.

5-10 operators

$175 per person

11–19 operators

$165 per person

20 or more operators

$150 per person

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