Top Forklift Mechanics Of 2019We believe in recognizing team members for a job well-done, but sometimes “thank you,” just isn’t enough. That’s why we created the Total Industries Top Tech program with a $1000 cash award for the top forklift technician at each of our locations (East Bay-Livermore, Fresno, West Sacramento and Salinas).

The award is based on a point system that rewards safety, effective communication, and other core values. Please help us recognize the Top Forklift Techs of 2019 from each Total Industries branch.

The Best Forklift Service Techs in Northern California

Our forklift technicians always go above and beyond for our customers. They work hard behind the scenes too, helping each other out, and supporting other departments. Sometimes they play a starring role in one of our videos.


Total Industries’s Tech of the Year recognizes well-rounded service technicians who provide outstanding customer service and represent our core values (communication, transparency, follow-through, training and development). Forklift technicians can rise through the ranks by earning points in four crucial aspects of the technician’s daily duties:

  • Attendance
  • Parts and Labor
  • Safety
  • Workload Management

Without further ado, here are our top forklift techs of 2019:

Forklift Tech of the Year Salinas – Adrian Jimenez

Top Forklift Mechanics Of 2019About Adrian: I grew up near the Pacific Ocean, so I live to grill and eat fresh seafood. I’m also a sports fanatic, especially ice hockey. I try to go watch a Sharks game two or three times during the season.

I’m also a believer in health and balancing life and work life. I take time to exercise at least once a week. Sometimes I bicycle along the bike paths on Monterey Bay for about 45 min to an hour, or I’ll jog or walk briskly – anything to work up a sweat! My wife works more than I do, so I do some cooking on weekends to lighten the load. I also make it a point to take the family out to eat once a month. Life is a scale, so you’ve gotta find a way to balance things out.

What year did you start working for Total Industries and what did you do before you became a forklift technician? I worked for Clarklift of Salinas for 16 years until I started working for Total Industries in 2005.

How do you feel about being a Total Industries Top Tech of the Year? It feels great! It’s a big accomplishment and not an easy one.

It’s not just about fixing equipment. There’s more to it than that. It takes consistency. There are many good car mechanics out there, but few industrial equipment techs. We’re a very specialized, small group and you really have to be at your best. It takes skills learned over decades to solve and complete a repair quickly but in a satisfactory manner so there won’t be any issues when you’re done.

You have to have a mission. It’s about showing up on time every day ready to challenge any task, deal with all the variables involved, and ultimately satisfy all the customer’s needs. That way you can end your day on a good note and start the next day in the best way possible.

What do you like about working as a forklift tech for Total Industries? Working for Total Industries is one of the best jobs in the industry. Over the years you get to know and see how the competition works, so it’s great working for a company that backs you up and fully supports the team.

From Salinas branch manager, Larry Spears:
If there is one word to describe Adrian, it’s
righteous. Not only is he the top producer at our branch, he’s also a 15-year veteran at Total Industries and a great mentor to less-experienced technicians. He always walks in with a smile, kind words and a strong handshake to greet you first thing in the morning, and that positive attitude is contagious throughout the branch.

Adrian has strong relationships with our customers, and many ask for him by name. He is one of the reasons Total Industries has such a strong reputation here in the Salinas Valley.


Forklift Tech of the Year Sacramento – Bill LaMarche

Top Forklift Mechanics Of 2019About Bill: I play a lot of golf and go hide in the hills for a few weeks during hunting season. I’m a Giants, 49ers and Kings fan, which was tough for the last few years, but got more exciting this year.

What year did you start working for Total Industries and what did you do before you became a forklift technician? I originally started working for Perin Company in 1991, which became Total Industries in 1997. Before that, I was an automotive machinist for 16 years and general machinist for a year.

How do you feel about being a Total Industries Top Tech of the Year? I think it’s great. Getting a bonus for just doing my job, can’t beat that!

What do you like about working as a forklift tech for Total Industries? I like the freedom of being a road technician, the good pay and benefits. I also like the challenge of figuring out problems and the feeling of accomplishment when you get the job done.

From Sacramento branch manager – Jim Hodson:
Bill is not just one of our top techs, he is also one of the few Platinum-certified techs with Toyota nationwide. Bill has been here for 28 years and continues to learn, grow and teach other technicians at Total Industries.

Customer satisfaction is always Bill’s top priority, and that’s why his customers love him  and we do too! Bill goes above and beyond for our customers and his co-workers every day, he’s always going the extra mile to help someone. He has all the qualities of a great team member. Bill is knowledgeable, patient, a good communicator and always has a positive attitude.

Forklift Tech of the Year Livermore – Cuong Nguyen

Top Forklift Mechanics Of 2019About Cuong: I try to be a friendly guy who has a smile all the time. In my free time I like to watch sports like football and basketball and take the family out to a restaurant on Sundays.

What year did you start working for Total Industries and what did you do before you became a forklift technician? I started working for Total Industries in March 2018. Before that I worked on cars for ten years.

What do you like about working as a forklift tech for Total Industries? I love working at Total Industries, because I’ve made a lot of good friends, and the company has a good training program and benefits.

I like being a road technician because it gives me a lot of opportunity to meet people, and working on forklifts is a good challenge. Sometimes it’s hard to troubleshoot the unit, but it’s very satisfying once you figure it out.

How do you feel about being a Total Industries Top Tech of the Year? I worked hard and am dedicated to what I do, but I was surprised and honored to be selected as the top tech of the year.

From Livermore branch manager – Tony Gonzalez:
Cuong is not only a very skilled technician, he is very reliable and dependable and has excellent customer service skills. His “never give up” attitude lends itself to his excellent technical and mechanical expertise.

Here at Total Industries, we have five core values that we live by (training and development, accountability, communication, transparency, and follow-through) Cuong exhibits all of these qualities. He’s always going over and above keeping our customers’ equipment running to make sure their product is moving and still manages to find time to help out fellow technicians.

There have been a few situations where a customer was in a bind and…not very pleasant. Because of Cuong’s mechanical and customer service skills, he was not only able to get their equipment up and running, when he left, the customer had a smile.

I would also like to mention Cuong’s impeccable attendance record. Since his hire date nearly two years ago, Cuong has not missed a scheduled day of work – proving he is a dedicated employee and an asset to Total Industries and our customers.


Forklift Tech of the Year Fresno – Robert Cabrera

Top Forklift Mechanics Of 2019About Robert: In my free time, I love to be with my family, especially with my grandkids. I like recreational activities, like camping out on the coast or taking trips to the lakes with the family. I enjoy classic car shows too, but my favorite shows to go to are air shows. I’m very interested in WWII aircraft.

What year did you start working for Total Industries and what did you do before you became a forklift technician? I started with Toyota in 1989 when it was American Engineering. Before that I was working in the automotive industry for about two years. I was a smog inspector and Toyota started bringing in their service trucks to get smog tested. They told me they were looking for mechanics, so I took the opportunity and got hired on. So, I was already employed with Toyota when it became Total Industries in 1999.< /em>

How do you feel about being a Total Industries Top Tech of the Year? I’m very honored and proud. I was surprised to get the award, and it made me feel great. But the truth is, I feel like every Total Industries tech is a tech of the year.

What do you like about working as a forklift tech for Total Industries? Total Industries employees are very supportive and a great team. The company provides the necessary training and tools when possible, but they also do small things like sending a happy birthday email, which means more to me than they know.

Customers are my favorite thing about working for Total Industries. Out in the field, customers always make me feel like a friend rather than their regular service tech.

One memory that will always stick with me is from when I first started with Toyota; we had a service meeting where they explained to us someday we would be rewarded for all the hard work we do. Well they were wrong. It’s not someday, it’s everyday. When I see a customer is glad because their equipment is repaired, every day is satisfying and rewarding.

From Fresno branch manager – Gregg Robinson:
Robert goes about his daily duties with a smile and friendly greeting to all. Without question Robert has earned the respect of his peers and co-workers with a strong work ethic and warm presence. Robert has a devoted customer following earned through his quality work and integrity.

Often times customers will wait for days in order to have Robert perform their repairs. This speaks volumes about the impact Robert has made in his 20 plus years at Total Industries. It is truly a privilege to work with him.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our Top Techs. We believe the people of Total Industries are what make our company great. If you’d like to share a story about one of our team members or are interested in working at Total Industries, please contact us online or by phone.

East Bay – Livermore (510) 675-0500
Fresno (559) 834-9500
Sacramento (916) 376-0500
Salinas (831) 757-1091

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