Rough Terrain Forklifts
Rough terrain forklifts, also known as all-terrain forklifts, are designed to work in construction sites and other areas without improved surfaces (soft ground, muddy ground, hills, ditches, etc.).  The most significant difference between a standard industrial forklift (such as a Toyota) and a rough terrain forklift are the tires and ground clearance. 

All Terrain Forklifts Vs. Industrial Forklifts

– Industrial forklifts (such as those made by Toyota) use common over-the-road type tires, whereas rough terrain forklifts use tractor tires for better traction and flotation properties.
– The increased ground clearance on an all-terrain forklift allows it to be used in rough work environments where an industrial truck would get stuck.

– Lastly, rough terrain forklifts can come with full-time 4-wheel drive, which provides the best traction and maneuverability in rough terrain.

Poultry Coop Handlers and 4WD Forklifts 

We carry Sellick Rough Terrain forklifts at our dealerships in Fresno, Livermore, Sacramento and Salinas –  including their line of full-time 4WD lift trucks. Sellick has been designing and manufacturing rough terrain forklifts for nearly 50 years and, like Toyota, they are the the best at what they do.

In addition to 4WD forklifts and Sellick’s poultry handlers, we occasionally have a used rough terrain forklift for sale. Please contact us online or by phone if you’re interested.

For more information on rough terrain forklifts, or to find the right forklift for your operation, contact an expert at the TMH location nearest you:

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