TMH Employee Spotlight Summer 2019

Tmh Employee Spotlight Summer 2019

Get to know some members of the TMH family. Our latest employee spotlight features Mike Koufos,  a forklift field technician based in Livermore location and  Clarissa Cortez, service dispatcher in our Salinas location.

Tmh Employee Spotlight Summer 2019Mike Koufos – Forklift Field Technician, Livermore
Total Industries employee since 2000

First job: My first job was a summer job at the age of 13 working at an ice factory. In my early 20’s I worked at a propane company. Part of my duties were to convert gasoline forklifts, wind machines and recreational vehicles to run on LPG gas. After that job, I worked for a cultured stone company in Napa as a forklift and heavy equipment mechanic.

What I like about my job: I like the variety of equipment that I get to work on and the relationships I’ve built with customers as well as my coworkers up in the North Bay. I also have the opportunity to drive to lots of really cool places in Napa, Sonoma and even Mendocino County.

Tmh Employee Spotlight Summer 2019More about Mike: I don’t have much free time but the little bit that I do, I train, compete, and judge in powerlifting, I like to try craft beers especially hazy DIPA,s and barbecuing with my family. 

I spend quite a bit a time operating and running my own powerlifting gym in Napa. It’s called Powercrush training center.

What It’s Like Working at TMH:  Total Industries is a great place to work, that’s why I have been here more than 19 years. The managers allow me to manage my workload and become successful not only for the company, but to keep the customers happy which gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I have done my best!

I also like that TMH has kept the same ownership since I started working there, and [the owners] Rich, Stephen and Mark are always approachable and very personable. They have also been very supportive of my new business venture! 

Favorite movieTerminator 2

 Mild, Medium or Spicy? Medium most of the time, but sometimes I like it spicy.

Tmh Employee Spotlight Summer 2019Clarissa Cortez – Service Dispatcher,  Salinas
Total Industries employee since 2018

First job:  Cashier at Sam Linder Honda

What I like about my job: I am always learning something new.

What It’s Like Working at TMH:  TMH is different than other places I have worked because everyone is always more than happy to help.

Favorite movie:
Jumanji (the original)

Tmh Employee Spotlight Summer 2019
More about Clarissa: In my free time I like to spend time with my boyfriend and nephew.

Mild, Medium or Spicy? Spicy

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