High-speed Roll Up Doors

High-Speed Roll Up Doors

High-speed Roll Up Doors
High-speed doors are a simple yet effective solution for high-traffic applications that require climate control or need to preserve the cleanliness of a facility. Read on to learn more about different types of industrial high-speed doors and why they’re the smarter choice for food processing, beverage, refrigeration, chemical and pharmaceuticals applications.

 High-Speed Doors Vs. Industrial Roll-Up Doors

High-speed doors minimize exposure of your facility to outside contaminants and offer improved climate control compared to standard roll-up doors. Over time, a high-speed door opening protects your interior 757 hours more per year compared to a steel roll-up door


Different Types of High-Speed Doors

High-speed roll up doors open/close in just 1-2 seconds. By reducing wait time for traffic to enter/exit the opening, a high-speed door can significantly increase operational efficiency. 

Interior Doors are made for indoor, high-traffic areas. Different styles are available for large openings and hygiene compliant environments.

Exterior Doors are available in many different types depending on the solution required. There are doors for heavy wind environments, large openings (to be used in conjunction with existing rolling-steel doors), and security doors meant to replace an existing rolling steel or panel door.

Cleanroom Doors are engineered with the highest seal ratings for clean and FDA-regulated environments such as pharmaceutical or food-processing. If you need doors rated to ISO Class 5 (US Federal Standard 209E Class 100) and GMP Class C, a high speed door could be right for your clean room.

Freezer / Cooler Doors are highly-insulated and designed to prevent energy loss.

Total Industries is proud to carry Albany doors, the recognized leader in high speed industrial doors. Albany offers specially-engineered doors for a variety of industries including: cleanroom, industrial, cold storage and freezer applications.  All Albany doors come with a 5-year 1 million cycle warranty.

Proper selection of the style and size of your high-speed door is essential. Improper selection may result in poor installation, incorrect usage, energy and monetary loss. It’s important to work with an experienced product rep to ensure the style and make-up of your high-speed door system will meet the requirements of your application.

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