High-speed Roll Up Doors For Cold Rooms And Freezers

In a climate-controlled facility, temperature regulation is everything. A few degrees one way or the other can mean the difference between a good day and a terrible one. 

The most cost-effective way to  improve climate control (and profits) is to ditch your low tech door for a fast, reliable roll up door.  Stop losing valuable product to condensation, frost and spoilage. If climate control is critical to your operation, a reliable rapid-roll door is one of the smartest investments you can make.

High-Speed Doors Improve Climate Control and Safety

A high-speed door is a single solution to the most common profit-killers for climate-controlled facilities. If you want to save money, protect your products from frost, and protect equipment from condensation, an insulated high-speed door is the fix you’re looking for.

Old-school sliding doors are inefficient, and expensive to own. They:

  • Don’t respect the cold chain – cold air escapes through cracks, driving up energy bills, ice build-up and condensation
  • Leave products and equipment vulnerable to frost and ice 
  • Require constant attention – due to ice build-up around the door, door mechanics, ceiling and side guides

High-Speed Doors Deliver Immediate Results and Additional Benefits
High-performance doors, like the ones we sell from Albany doors, utilize an air-tight seal, smart open positions and an insulated curtain to minimize air exchange and condensation. Floors stay dry, and there’s no ice build-up to worry about.

When you buy a high-speed door, you’ll enjoy immediate improvements. We can install a rapid-roll door anywhere in Central or Northern California in just two days (including weekends). So on Friday your facility will be gobbling up energy, and on Monday, it won’t.

High-speed, rapid-roll doors also:

  • Boost productivity – employees and forklift operators spend less time waiting around; it’s like using an elevator vs. taking the stairs.
  • Reduce operational costs – high-speed doors are self-repairing and low-maintenance, so downtime drops to an absolute minimum
  • Improve safety – by minimizing ice build-up and slick floors
  • Protect your products and equipment from frost damage
  • Reduce energy costs – by improving climate control
  • Provide a tighter seal – keeping cold air in and warm, moist air out!
  • Require minimal attention – no more scraping ice off the ceiling and the door on a regular basis

High-Speed Industrial Doors in the Bay Area and Northern California

From cold storage facilities in Salinas and the Central Valley to wineries in Napa-Sonoma, our customers rave about Albany high-speed roll up doors. Here are a few of their favorite features:

Low-Maintenance, Easy to Clean
Albany doors are built to withstand frequent washdowns and are easy to clean (no disassembly required). Albany doors are also self-repairing, which minimizes downtime.

Pays for Itself in Energy Savings, Increased Productivity
Albany’s insulated doors provide superior climate control for cold room, freezer and dual-climate applications. Fast opening speeds (up to 130” per second) and closing speeds (up to 24” per second) and a weather-tight seal allow you to shrink your energy bill while boosting product flow. You’ll also enjoy a lower cost of ownership with minimal maintenance.

Contact us to learn about energy rebates, or for a free energy analysis.

Improved Safety and Quality Control
Rapid opening and closing speeds combined with a tight seal minimize the melt and freeze cycle, which can cause hazardous slip-and-slide conditions.

Sensors facilitate touch-free opening and minimize disease transmission. A wave of a hand is all it takes to open the door.

The “Wow” Factor
Let’s be honest, a door that zips open in the blink of an eye – is pretty damn cool. Whenever you give visitors a tour of your facility, the high-speed door will be a highlight. Albany doors are designed to open and close hundreds of times a day and (unlike other high-speed door manufacturers’ products) are known to last 10 years or more. So go ahead and show it off.

Questions? Connect with a California cold storage expert online or by phone.

A High-Speed Door is a Guaranteed Win for Climate-Controlled Operations

Now more than ever, your company needs a strategy to stay competitive. Whether you have a food processing plant, distribution facility or cold storage area, a high-speed roll up door is one of the best buys you can make. Here are the two products we recommend:

The Albany RR300 Chill is ideal for high traffic facilities with cold storage areas above 32° F.

The Albany RR300 Freeze is better for dual climate facilities where areas below -20° open into ambient temperatures. The Albany RR300 Freeze can be equipped with heated side frames and energy-saving airflow systems to prevent frost build-up and prevent dangerous conditions.

Download product specs for the Albany RR300 Chill and Albany RR300 Freeze. Manufacturer note: door specifications and technical data subject to change without notice. 

Ready to save money and add a wow factor to your operation? Contact us for a free demo or to learn more about high-speed doors.

Questions? Connect with a California cold storage expert online or by phone. We offer free demos, free energy analysis, and we can help you apply for California energy rebates.

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