What to Do When You Run Out of Warehouse Space

What To Do When You Run Out Of Warehouse SpaceIt’s a good news / bad news situation when a warehouse runs out of space. The good news is that your operation is successful, but the bad news is: expansion can be expensive. A move means massive downtime, and if you expand, it’s a huge capital investment. But there is another option: find or create new space in your existing building.

Here are the most common ways to maximize your warehouse space:

Narrow Aisles
Many warehouses can squeeze a lot more space from their existing building by converting to narrow aisles. A narrow aisle is generally 8.5-10.5’ wide and can accommodate reach trucks, pallet jacks, and certain forklifts.

To get an idea how much square footage might be reclaimed in your warehouse, measure your current aisles and you may be surprised how much space is underutilized. Then, calculate the minimum aisle widths needed for your current forklift fleet (or call us, we’re happy to help).

Expand Up
If seismic and safety concerns can be met, your upward expansion is limited only by the ceiling – and how high your forklift can reach. Standard forklifts and reach trucks  can move product up to 10-15 feet high, but some can lift up to 36 feet.

This solution isn’t ideal for operations that need access to all of their inventory on a daily basis. Warehouses with a lot of seasonal items and overstock are best-suited to upward expansion.

Keep in mind there are seismic requirements and there must be adequate space beneath light fixtures and sprinkler heads in addition to other safety requirements. Our team has assisted with numerous warehouse redesigns and we’re happy to share our expertise.

Change your pallet rack design
Your warehouse may also benefit from changing its storage system. Rows of rack can be repositioned, metal shelving could be added, or you might change your pallet racking. We’ve worked with clients to install drive-in, and drive-thru pallet rack that take up less space than standard pallet racks.

When it comes to warehouse racking, one size doesn’t fit all. Utilizing multiple pallet racking systems is often the key to maximizing warehouse space.

Storage Racks and Pallet Racking Options

Learn more about the different types of warehouse rack storage options available including:

Our experienced staff is available to help conduct an assessment of your current space, calculate the minimum aisle widths you need, and make recommendations on a flexible storage system for your business. You can also visit our Livermore location to demo any of the racking systems described above.

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