New And Improved Jlg Stock Picker

New and Improved JLG Stock Picker

New And Improved Jlg Stock PickerWhether you need to manage inventory, transport supplies, set up displays or perform routine maintenance, a stock picker makes everyday tasks safer and more efficient by virtually eliminating the need for scaffolding or ladders. A driveable vertical man lift allows staff members to get closer, carry more tools and boxes, and save time by not having to set up a ladder or scaffolding.

JLG recently updated the 10 MSP mobile stock picker with some impressive new features – unmatched by competitors.

Key Features of JLG’s 10MSP Driveable Stock Picker:

– Zero turning radius for superior maneuverability
– Built-in automatic charger for less downtime on the job
– One-hand operation with joystick for increased operator comfort and control
– Driveable at full height for increased efficiency
– Efficient, direct electric drive for long battery cycles
– Fits through standard doorways
– Easily maneuvers in narrow aisles
– 10-foot platform height
– 16-foot working height
(for greater working heights, see the 15 MSP and 20 MSP)

New And Improved Jlg Stock PickerJLG’s 10 MSP is New and Improved
– 531 sq. inch platform is 84% larger than competitor’s
– Maintenance free batteries
– 5 mph max stowed drive speed
– Simultaneous drive and lift capability
– 850 lbs total capacity

Options include:
– Adjustable, 27” x 27” electrically-powered material tray
– Aisle guide rollers
– Object sensing pad
– Optional bicycle carrier
– Self-closing saloon gates

With a JLG MSP Series, your workforce can reach higher, carry more weight and work more efficiently. A single worker with an MSP stock picker can lift and carry up to 600 lb (people and materials) at working heights up to 26 ft. One employee can easily complete tasks that would require two people with a ladder. In addition to being safer than ladders and scaffolding, the JLG stock picker has maintenance-free components, intuitive controls, and automatic battery charging.

JLG’s Mobile stock picker is ideal for:New And Improved Jlg Stock Picker

  • Warehouse stock picking
  • Restocking shelves in distribution centers
  • Transporting supplies
  • Setting up displays
  • Safely hanging holiday decorations
  • Lighting
  • Overhead maintenance and repairs
  • General repair work

Download JLG’s MSP product brochure, or contact us for more info. We also have stock pickers and other aerial equipment available for rent (view current aerial rental inventory). Or, view our current inventory of order pickers and reach trucks for sale.

TMH also offers aerial lift training and certification in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Salinas and Fresno. Our instructors can come to your facility anytime (including nights & weekends) to train and certify all your aerial platform personnel. Our certified safety trainers have been providing aerial platform training and certification for over fifteen years and have extensive experience in training operators of all types of aerial platforms, including scissor lifts and boom-lifts.

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New And Improved Jlg Stock Picker