Review: Gem Sapphire Fleet Management System

Review: GEM Sapphire Fleet Management System

Review: Gem Sapphire Fleet Management System

Product Name: GEM ONE Sapphire Fleet Management System                           
Manufacturer: GEM ONE
Notable features:  Impact notifications, GPS (last know position outside), daily operator checklist, operator certification expiration notification (30-days prior), cellular-based (no WiFi required).
Price Range:
 $2,500 – $5,900  
Value for the money:

  • Ability to add up to 4 cameras per unit
  • Fork Scale
  • Pin Code or Key Fob Sign on Options 
  • Indoor GPS (coming soon)
  • Can be installed on propane or electric forklifts as well as many other pieces of equipment (golf carts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, etc.)
  • Battery indicators (water levels & state of charge)

Best for: A fleet size of five or larger
Not recommended for: Extremely dirty or harsh (outdoor) conditions

GEM Sapphire Pros and Cons


  • Customer friendly / Easy to use
  • Operator Accountability
  • Ability to customize operator checklist questions and reports
  • No WiFi required
  • Can have a positive effect on the reduction of accidents, product, and warehouse damage
  • Information stored in the cloud

Cons: The equipment is not designed for harsh environments or extremely dirty conditions.

Key Safety Features:  

  • Red strobe and alarm activated when impact occurs and assigned personnel notified via email.
  • Manger must reset lift after accident inspection before the operator can continue. 
  • Daily operator checklist performed each shift or operator change.
  • Only authorized operators can drive lifts due to sign in requirement

What alternatives are available?  There are many other fleet management systems available.  However, most if not all other systems have a monthly service fee in addition to the cost of the unit.  Many other fleet management systems require WiFi, which is not always available in all applications.  In addition, you may not want to grant access to these other systems to tap into your company WiFi.

Another downside to many of these other systems is that they can be triggered by every little bump or impact.  With the GEM system, there is a breaking in period where the normal G-force is established.  Understandably, you do not want this to system to go off every time an operator drives over a dock plate, crack, or bump on the floor.  Once the norm is established, the G-force is then set above the norm so the system will only be triggered if there is an actual substantial impact.

Summary: The GEM One System is a top choice for fleet management systems.  It is extremely customer friendly to use, versatile, has customizable options, offers what most companies are looking for in a fleet management system, and is an overall great value for all it has to offer.

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