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Forklift Operator Training

We offer in-person training at our dealerships in Livermore, Salinas, West Sacramento, and Fresno to certify new and experienced forklift operators. Satisfy OSHA, federal and/or state training, testing and evaluation requirements for operating forklifts Class I, IV & V.
Get Forklift Certified

On-Site Customized Training

Just like the forklift operator class, except the training is customized and delivered at your company site with your equipment. Your operators will be certified at the end of their training experience in compliance with OSHA federal and/or state training, testing and evaluation requirements.
On-Site Training Experience

Train the Trainer

In this comprehensive one-day course, you will learn what the OSHA requirements are, how they affect your company, and how to comply with the standards. You will leave with the tools, materials, and knowledge required to establish an "in-house" forklift operator training program.
Establish An in-house Trainer

Protect Your Forklift With An Anti Static Ground StrapEver wondered why there’s a strap dragging on the ground underneath some forklifts? It’s an anti-static strap, also known as a ground strap.

Static electricity can be very harmful to a forklift. This may seem strange, but think about the circuit boards and computer chips that make up a modern lift truck. One good zap and your equipment could go brain dead. Forklift operators don’t like being shocked either!Protect Your Forklift With An Anti Static Ground Strap

It’s especially important to get a static strap for lift trucks with non-marking tires. Keep reading to find out how to correctly ground an electric forklift, or contact us to learn more. 

Static Electricity and Forklifts

During the normal operation of a forklift, static electricity is generated. A static electricity dissipation device allows that electricity to be dissipated into the ground rather than into the machine’s internal components or the forklift operator.


How to Ground a Forklift

Avoid problems caused by static electricity by attaching an anti-static strap to the bottom of your lift truck. A ground strap is especially important for forklifts with non-marking tires. Non-marking tires are made of a different compound and have no anti-static properties, so a grounding strap is essential.

Also, have operators regularly check for wear or debris build-up on the strap. Your anti-static strap is only effective if it:Protect Your Forklift With An Anti Static Ground Strap
– is touching the floor
– and is relatively clean

Best practices: install two straps on each vehicle (one behind each axle) to help minimize static buildup while the vehicle is in motion. Having a second strap is inexpensive insurance should one strap become worn or fall off the lift. Static straps rarely need to be replaced unless they get torn off, and a technician should be check the strap each time the lift is serviced.

Our product experts are available to answer your forklift questions. Contact us online or by phone:

East Bay – Livermore (510) 675-0500
Fresno (559) 834-9500
Sacramento (916) 376-0500
Salinas (831) 757-1091

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