Warehouse Automation: 5 Reasons To Use An Asrs

Are you aware that your competitors are investing in warehouse automation? According to the worldwide sales of warehouse automation technologies, warehouse automation is projected to reach $22.5 billion by the end of 2021. Today, companies are automating their warehouses to cut costs and improve operational efficiency. In a modern warehouse, you’ll see robots driving through racks, retrieving loads, and putting them on conveyor belts. 

There are many solutions like AGVs, AMRs, storage systems, picking solutions, and more. Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRSs) are one of those solutions for modern warehouses. They are computer-controlled systems that automatically place and retrieve loads from defined locations.

Below you will find 5 benefits of using automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) in your warehouse’s operations.


More Storage Capacity

Most warehouses operate with limited floor space. Unfortunately, conventional stackers and forklifts require substantial floor space to navigate. Likewise, traditional warehouse solutions need significant aisle space to keep every product stored accessible.

ASRS, on the other hand, are compact.  You can save up to 85% of floor space occupied by shelving. You will benefit from more storage capacity by increasing the density.

For your business, extra floor space can mean expanding your manufacturing operations or storing more products.

Less Labor Required

Before warehouse automation came into the market, all tasks had to be handled by human workers. Including redundant and repetitive tasks. No wonder 65% of the warehouse operating budget goes to labor costs. And, let’s not mention that the average hourly wage of warehouse employees rose by 16% during the last decade.

With an ASRS in your warehouse, you will need less labor. The system can store, retrieve, and buffer inventory around the clock and on-demand. Your employees will then be able to focus on value-added tasks that will benefit your bottom line. You won’t need to sacrifice productivity and efficiency.

Better Control Over Inventory

Inventory management is one of the essential processes in every warehouse, big or small. And as the supply chains are becoming complex, managing inventory is becoming a challenge.

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, ASRS are often bundled with warehouse software solutions. As a result, they can record product data in real-time and store it in a central database or even the cloud. 

You will be able to have instant insights into:

  • Order flow
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Shipping
  • Labor

Improved Safety

Repetitive tasks are bound to negatively impact employees’ morale and cause them to make errors. In addition, damaged or misplaced goods can incur various expenses, including suppliers, time, and labor. Not to mention the ergonomic injuries due to reaching up or bending low to reach a stored product.

ASRS solutions bring the goods to the worker and are designed to operate with maximal accuracy. They cut the risk of personal injury and damaged products while still being able to outperform human workers.

Shorter Lead Times

ASRS units are using “goods-to-person” systems which will greatly improve the output of your employees. They will prepare more orders faster as they won’t have to spend lots of time walking around the warehouse searching for products.

First Step to Implementing an ASRS

Several ASRS technologies are out there, including vertical and horizontal carousels, vertical lift modules, crane-based mini-load, and floor robots. However, when it comes to best practices to implementing an ASRS, it all boils down to getting a professional assessment and advice.

This will ensure you’ll get a system that reflects your operations and leaves room for improvements and upgrades down the road. 

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