When Is A Forklift Back-up Alarm Required?

When Is a Forklift Back-up Alarm Required?

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When Is A Forklift Back-up Alarm Required?

Each year, dozens of workers are killed on the job when a vehicle backs over them. Many of these deaths could have been prevented by using an inexpensive back-up alarm.

Why Your Forklift Needs a Back-Up Alarm

According to OSHA, forklifts rank fourth in the number of fatalities caused by back-overs. Though OSHA does not require backup alarms on powered industrial trucks such as forklifts, they state, “certain operating conditions may require the use of additional warning devices, such as backup alarms.” OSHA regulations do prohibit removing a backup alarm if it came equipped with one by the manufacturer. 

A smart business can protect itself and its employees from an unfortunate accident by purchasing a simple back-up alarm for forklifts or other powered industrial vehicles. There are even high-tech models that automatically adjust their sound level to be louder than ambient noise.  At Total Industries, any truck you rent from us  or buy from our inventory will come with a back-up alarm.  

As an additional safety measure, we teach our drivers to honk their steering wheel horn whenever backing up . In a warehouse environment where there are many trucks moving around at the same time, pedestrians may tune out a rhythmic noise. Another option, for added safety, is a vehicle camera system. Think of it like as back-up camera for your operator that goes to eleven

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