New Scissor Lifts For Sale And Rental

New Scissor Lifts for Sale and Rental

New Scissor Lifts For Sale And Rental
Scissor lifts, a type of aerial lift, are commonly found in warehouses, construction and manufacturing. They’re also increasingly popular for facility maintenance, retail and entertainment use (think video shoots). Wherever there’s a job that needs to be done up high: painting, installation, etc., a scissor lift is a solid go-to.

What distinguishes a scissor lift from other types of aerial lifts are the cross-crossing arms beneath the platform that open and close like scissors as they lift and lower. In fact, OSHA classifies scissor lifts not as aerial lifts, but as mobile scaffolds. That said, the OSHA guidelines for scissor lifts are similar to those for other types of aerial lifts.

This article covers different types of scissor lifts and how to choose the right scissor lift for your operation.

At Total Industries we carry JLG, and have recently added AICHI (Toyota) Scissor Lifts. Here are a few reasons why:

AICHI scissor lifts are durable and easy to use
– Slide-out battery trays make for easy maintenance
– You can easily check the hydraulic oil levels without the use of tools or having to lift the platform
– The brushless AC drive motor doesn’t need to be serviced as often as DC equivalents and is 12% more efficient than next leading competitor
– Easily lower the guardrails to fit the lift through a doorway (the SV1930E fits through standard doorways even without lowering the guardrails)
– Zero-degree inside turning radius make the lift easy to maneuver through buildings
– The roll-out platform extension to reach across objects allows better access
– Oil-free bushings in the scissor structure reduce maintenance time and cost

AICHI scissor lifts have great safety features 
Another reason we like the AICHI scissor lifts – their standard safety features. The anti-rollback function keeps the lift in place if stopped on a ramp, and controlled descent automatically slows the unit down when travelling down a grade. All AICHI scissor lifts also come standard with a tilt alarm, drive and lift cut out and reduced travel speed when the platform is elevated to further promote operator safety. Learn more about scissor lift safety and training

How to Choose the Right Scissor Lift

How tall does it need to be? – Scissor lifts vary in height, width and platform size to cater to different workplace and warehouse needs. The “working height” is typically determined by adding six feet to the platform height. The height of the worker and type of task that is being performed, however, can add a variance to this number.

Our AICHI scissor lifts are available with a max working height of 25-28 feet. Our JLG models max working height range is from 19 to 40 feet. 

TIP: Every AICHI model number tells you some basic facts about the lift. The first two digits tell you the max platform lift height in feet, and the third and fourth digits tell you the overall width of the scissor lift in inches. So the SV1930E model has a platform height of 19 feet and an overall width of 30 inches. JLG uses this same system.

How many personnel? – Scissor lifts are typically meant to lift a single person, but some can hold multiple people.

Electric or internal combustion (ICE)? – Most scissor lifts are electrically-powered, however, internal combustion units are available.

Other options: – Some popular add-ons include: tool tray, strobe light, and panel carrier. Some of our customers opt for maintenance-free AGM batteries, others prefer upgrading to the 240 AH high-capacity batteries. View complete list of AICHI scissor lift features and options.

It’s important to us to find you the right scissor lift for your operation. So we offer a try before you buy rental option. Please contact us for more info. 

Scissor Lift Certification and Training
Aerial lift training helps employers reduce the risk of property damage as well as employee injury or death. It also ensures compliance with OSHA and Cal OSHA regulations. Our scissor lift certification course includes classroom video training, hands-on practical operation, and certificates and wallet cards for successful completion. TMH offers on-site training at your facility, and we have an upcoming scissor lift training course at our headquarters in Livermore on February 16th, 2018.

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