Product Review: Toyota Diesel Forklift

Product Review: Toyota Diesel Forklift

Product Name: Toyota 1ZS Diesel Forklift
Manufacturer: Toyota Industrial Equipment
Interesting Features: Tier IV Final Emissions Compliant
Lift Capacity: up to 6500 lbs  for the 1ZS engine,  higher capacities available  with other engines
Notable feature(s): Multi-function digital display with onboard self-diagnostics, rear pillar assist grip with horn button, swivel seat and ergonomic steering wheel knob.
Price Range:  Starting at $30k
Value for the money: Excellent

Best for:  Any operation that needs clean diesel power outdoors.
Toyota’s 1ZS  diesel engine is ideal for the agricultural industry because it meets Tier IV final emissions standards.

Not recommended for: Indoor use

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Toyota Diesel Forklift Pros and Cons

Toyota’s 1ZS diesel engine forklift uses DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) which means there’s no DPF to replace and no regen (burn off) needed! This lift truck also has common rail fuel injection and is made in the USA.

Cons: This forklift is not designed for indoor or narrow isle application.

Why Toyota ‘s Diesel Engine Forklift  is Great for the Agriculture Industry 
Our customers in the agricultural industry are big fans of the DOC. They love not having to worry about a DPF filter or having to stop their work to let the diesel engine regen like other brands. 

Comparing Toyota’s Diesel Forklifts to LPG
Toyota’s 1ZS diesel forklifts have all the same benefits and safety features as their LPG counterparts paired with the efficiency and innovation of the 1ZS engine. Learn more about the engines inside Toyota Forklifts.

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