Review: Toyota Electric Pneumatic Forklift

Review: Toyota Electric Pneumatic Forklift

Product Name:  Electric Pneumatic Forklift (EPF)
Manufacturer: Toyota
Lift Capacity:  4000-11,000 lbs.
Notable feature(s):  (SAS) System of Active Stability, available in 36, 48, 80-volt variants
Price Range: $20k – $80K
Value for the money: Excellent

Best for: Toyota’s rugged Electric Pneumatic Forklift is made for outdoor applications such as agriculture, brick, block, concrete, lumber, pipe and many more. Because it runs on clean power, the truck can also be used indoors and is adaptable for a variety of different operation sizes. 

Not recommended for:  In a large yard where the forklift operates remotely, valuable time can be lost bringing the truck in to swap batteries. 

Toyota Electric Pneumatic Pros and Cons


4000-11,000 lbs. lifting capacity
Can be used indoors and outdoors
Runs on clean power
Works well for many different industries
Tons of safety features
Very customizable

Run times may vary depending on the application
Multiple shifts may require extra batteries
Replacing electric forklift batteries can be expensive
Pneumatic tires c
an ride rough indoors 

I personally like the Electric Pneumatic Forklift (EPF) for many reasons, but its ease of use, clean power, and versatility stand out the most. For example: when you walk inside a warehouse that uses electric forklifts you will notice two things:

1. You do not smell propane, which means your employees are not breathing in harmful gases.  

2. The forklifts are quiet. Electric forklifts make hardly any noise compared to their propane counterparts. This makes it easier to hear and communicate while the forklifts are in operation.

The EPF can be used indoor/outdoor for many different applications, making it an easy choice for people who need a forklift for dual purposes. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of Electric Forklifts.

The Toyota Electric Pneumatic Forklift is a stand out player in the Class 1 realm. Its reliability and state of the art technology put it leaps and bounds ahead of the other guys. The Toyota EPF is reliable, easy to use, and versatile enough for any outdoor or indoor/outdoor application that requires durability and performance.

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