Garage of Champions – Part I

Garage Of Champions - Part I

When comparing forklifts or other material handling equipment, there are several factors to consider, and one of them is price. We’ve written previously about why a low lifetime cost of ownership is more important than a low purchase price, but some buyers are still unsure about paying more upfront. 

We get it. Toyota forklifts cost more, and that can be hard to justify. So today, we’re going to share some real-life examples of Toyota Forklifts and Taylor-Dunn utility vehicles that are 20+ years old and still hard at work in Northern and Central California.

This new article series, Garage of Champions,  will showcase well-maintained Toyota forklifts and Taylor-Dunn utility vehicles from some loyal Total Industries customers.  If you have a “classic” Toyota forklift or Taylor-Dunn cart you’d like us to feature, let us know.

Hansen Industries,  based out of Hanford, CA (near Visalia) designs affordable products to help dairies run more efficiently. Their product line includes lime, soakers, spreaders, shade cloth, valves and other hardware.

Hansen’s 4-series Toyota Forklift was manufactured in the early ’80s (model #42-4FGC25). The truck is all original, down to its 5R engine. Talk about lifetime value!

Garage Of Champions - Part IGarage Of Champions - Part I






Richard, the shop manager, uses the forklift every day to move equipment in the shop and yard. Richard and his family enjoy spending time outdoors and playing with their two dogs Mike and Toby.

Total Industries Service Technician Joe Orson sent us these great photos and told us, “Mike and Toby are always around and always happy to greet new people.”

The forklift’s owner, Shane Hansen, has the truck on TMH’s planned maintenance program. Regular check-ups from Joe Orson help ensure Hansen Industries’ Toyota forklift stay on the job.

Garage Of Champions - Part I

Erin Kosick, owner of The Shell Cellar on Pier 39 in San Francisco shared the story of Lester Dunn:

I found Lester back in 2010 on Pier 33. He was sitting in someone else’s warehouse covered in dust! I’ve always wanted an electric cart, and he was perfect.

After a year of running, the brushes on his motor finally wore down too far and we called in TMH to fix him up.  The neighbor we bought him from offered to paint him, which is why he’s so shiny. 

We use every day to take product from our warehouse on Pier 33 to our two stores on Pier 39.  He makes the trip at least once a day, seven days a week. He frequently  makes five or six trips, often without charging up!

When we redo our windows, he gets loaded down with every odd and end we need. When we got new display cases, Lester hauls away the old ones. I honestly can’t imagine our job without him. He has more than paid for himself over the last eight years! 

Garage Of Champions - Part I
Rutherford Hill Winery has been a TMH customer since 1987, and Juan Moreno, Jr., Facilities Manager has been with Rutherford Hill Winery for more than 30 years. His late father, Juan Moreno, Sr., was the Cellar Master for more than 40 years.

 Garage Of Champions - Part I

Rutherford Hill’s 1995 Toyota has 25,223 hours. Their 1994 model 5FBC25 from 1994 has 5920 hours plus an unknown number of hours before the dash was replaced). Both units are used 4-10 hours a day, 5 days a week.

If you want dependable, hard-working, and long-lasting material handling equipment, give us a shout  Our experienced product experts will help you find the right equipment for your application and budget.

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