Warehouse Slip Trip and Fall Injury Prevention

Warehouse Slip Trip And Fall Injury Prevention
In California, slip-and-fall accidents are the number one workplace injury.

  • 22 percent of incidents resulted in 31+ days away from work
  • 85 percent of worker’s compensation claims were attributed to employees slipping on slick floors
  • In California, injury settlement payouts from slip and fall lawsuits range from $40,000 to more than $12 million

Cal/OSHA receives more than 20,000 slip and fall injury reports each year, a staggering amount when you consider clean, dry floors can prevent many slip and fall incidents. Slip trip and fall injuries are especially common in warehouse and distribution center environments where:

  • Pallet fragments and other debris create hazardous conditions
  • A distracted worker carrying a box or pick list can overlook an obstruction in their path
  • A visiting staff member wearing leather-soled dress shoes may slip on a dusty floor

The best way to keep your floors safe for employees and visitors is with cleaning equipment designed for warehouses and distribution centers – not mops and brooms.

Clean Floors Prevent Workplace Injuries 

According to EHS Today, floor safety issues cause more than half of slip, trip or fall injuriesIn addition to keeping workers safe and productive, a clean warehouse floor creates a positive impression with visitors and suppliers.  For distribution and warehouse centers that handle food and/or electronics, dirt, dust and grime can also negatively impact product quality. 

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Why Choose Nilfisk-Advance Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment?

  • Low-maintenance design increases productivity 
  • Batteries designed for long run times
  • Trusted, reliable market leader
  • Flexible financing – get your equipment, service and support for one low, fixed monthly price
  • Free on-demand operator training 24/7 via Nilfisk’s online portal or mobile app 
  • Eco-friendly technology reduces chemical and water usage
  • Large debris trays and high-quality air filters work together to capture floor soils without contaminating the air
  • DustGuard™ suppresses dust at the side brooms giving you total dust control
  • One-Touch™ simplifies user operation and minimizes training requirements by putting all cleaning and operational functions at the user’s fingertips.

Nilfisk-Advance has equipment for fast, effective cleaning of small, hard-to-reach spaces and facilities spanning tens of thousands of feet. Here are some of the most popular machines with TMH customers in the bay area and central valley:

Terra  – versatile and efficient walk-behind sweeper with sweep paths from 26 up to 52 inches wide
Pro-Terra  – a maneuverable, large capacity ride-on sweeper, with a cleaning path up to 64 inches wide
SW8000 –  a powerful, ride-on sweeper with high-capacity hoppers and cleaning path up to 77 inches

Warehouse Slip Trip And Fall Injury Prevention

Slip Trip and Fall Risk Assessment

Not sure if industrial cleaning equipment is the right option for your operation? Contact us for a free risk assessment. Our goal is to help you identify what cleaning equipment will provide the highest ROI for your facility and the best practices for cleaning your entire warehouse – not to sell you equipment you don’t need. Contact us online or by phone to schedule a visit.

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