A Family Of Forklift Technicians - Meet The Garcias
At Total Industries treating team members like family isn’t just a saying. Everyone works hard to help each other out, and we also have employees who are literally family members. The Garcias: Gus, Ricardo Sr. and Ricardo Jr (aka Ricky) are forklift technicians who all work out of our Livermore location.

Gus is Ricardo’s brother-in-law, and was the first member of the Garcia family to start working with us (back in 2003). Ricky is Ricardo’s son, and nephew of Gus. Together, the Garcias handle service and repairs for some of Total Industries’s top customers.

Meet The Garcia Family

A Family Of Forklift Technicians - Meet The Garcias
Gus Garcia

Gus takes care of two of our largest customers in Contra Costa County. He does such a great job, these customers only want Gus working on their equipment. If he’s on vacation, they wait for him to come back. In addition to being an experienced, silver-level forklift technician, Gus does a great job repairing some the more unique and specialized equipment and is very customer-service focused and will go over and above to keep their equipment running.

A Family Of Forklift Technicians - Meet The Garcias
Ricardo Garcia

Ricardo is a senior shop tech and one of the top forklift technicians at our Livermore location. He has a bronze-level Toyota forklift certification, is very hardworking and a top producer.

A fun fact about Ricardo: we have meetings every morning and he always has a joke. When it comes to the job though, he’s very serious. His work is impeccable and he’s one of those guys who has to stay busy. If he’s not working on something, he gets jittery.

A Family Of Forklift Technicians - Meet The Garcias
Ricky Garcia
Ricky started in July 2014. Before he was a forklift technician, he was a barista at Pete’s Coffee! Ricky came to us after working as a forklift mechanic at another company. He was doing basic PDIs (pre-delivery inspections) all the time and wanted to learn more and expand his skills. His dad encouraged him to come to Total Industries because he knew the kind of training we provide. Ricky is a good listener. He’s quiet most of the time,  but when he’s got something to say, you can tell he’s very thoughtful and analytical. 

A Family Of Forklift Technicians - Meet The Garcias
Ricardo and Ricky worked side by side for awhile in 2016, that’s one reason he goes by Ricky. They would even drive in together – Ricardo drove in the morning while Ricky slept, and then Ricky would drive them home. For awhile Ricky’s mom made lunches for both of them.  At one time there was a fourth Garcia, another uncle, but he now works for one of our customers. 

About six months ago Ricky started going out the road on his own. He’s now taking care of one of our largest customers and starting to emerge as one of better techs.

I think a big part of his success is the support and encouragement from his dad and uncle, who both encourage Ricky to learn as much as he can and not be afraid to try new tasks. We recently started assigning mentors to newer technicians so they can learn from experienced mechanics just like Ricky learned from his dad. We have them explain things like how to bill out your time, how your paperwork should be written up and basic troubleshooting.


How to Become a Forklift Mechanic

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