Forklift Operator Training

We offer in-person training at our dealerships in Livermore, Salinas, West Sacramento, and Fresno to certify new and experienced forklift operators. Satisfy OSHA, federal and/or state training, testing and evaluation requirements for operating forklifts Class I, IV & V.
Get Forklift Certified

On-Site Customized Training

Just like the forklift operator class, except the training is customized and delivered at your company site with your equipment. Your operators will be certified at the end of their training experience in compliance with OSHA federal and/or state training, testing and evaluation requirements.
On-Site Training Experience

Train the Trainer

In this comprehensive one-day course, you will learn what the OSHA requirements are, how they affect your company, and how to comply with the standards. You will leave with the tools, materials, and knowledge required to establish an "in-house" forklift operator training program.
Establish An in-house Trainer

Forklift Certification Classes
Total Industries is the industry leader in forklift and aerial lift training & certification. Our certified instructors have trained thousands of operators and can help you ensure complete compliance with federal and state OSHA requirements.

Learn more about the different types of forklift certification training we offer and upcoming class dates.

Forklift Training

If you want to operate a forklift in a warehouse or a construction site, OSHA requires hands-on training that results in a certification. Proper training for forklift drivers is not only an OSHA requirement, it improves safety and efficiency.

Whether you want to earn your first forklift license, need to schedule on-site refresher training for your operators , or wish to conduct your own forklift certification class, Total Industries has a program for you.

Forklift Certification

Without proper training and a forklift certification, it’s impossible to get a job driving a forklift. There are two parts to getting your forklift license: a classroom session and hands-on training.

Also, just as pilots are certified to fly certain aircraft, forklift operators are certified on a specific class or type of lift truck (electric versus gas-powered, for example). Our certification program takes approximately four hours, and students are certified to operate a  Class 4 forklift. Total Industries’s instructors have certified thousands of forklift operators to safely use a variety of forklift types and makes.

Forklift classes are offered monthly at each of our locations (East Bay-Livermore, Fresno, Sacramento, and Salinas). Learn more about forklift certification and training, or reserve your spot in an upcoming forklift class.  Class sizes are limited, pre-registration is recommended.

View Class Dates and Register for Forklift Certification Training

Forklift Training and Certification – We Come to You

We offer on-site forklift certifications and refresher training at your facility. Our instructors are very knowledgeable of current regulations, and will customize the class to ensure complete compliance with federal and state OSHA requirements. Classes can be scheduled at your convenience – including nights and weekends.

The class is approximately four (4) hours long and includes classroom/video training with a written test & hands-on driving. Behind the wheel training will be performed with your equipment in your work environment. We will issue certificates and wallet cards for attendees who successfully complete both the written test and hands-on driving evaluation.

On-site training classes require a minimum of five operators. We offer a discount for 20 or more operators. Get the details and pricing for our on-site forklift certification class.

Schedule On-Site Forklift Training

“Train the Trainer” Forklift Class

Get the knowledge and skills needed to conduct forklift operator training specific to your company’s operation. In this course, you will learn about OSHA requirements, how they affect your company, and how to comply with OSHA standards. Our experienced instructors have certified more than 23,000 forklift operators and will customize your training class to ensure complete compliance with federal and state OSHA requirements.

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